The Brotherhood of Virtue

Once upon a time, there was a Perfect Circle of Solar Exalted. It was perfect not only in the sense that it consisted of five people, one of each caste – but also in the sense that it consisted only of good, honest and virtuous people. Such was the grace of these Exalted, that even at the height of the decadence of the First Age, they remained true to themselves. They were valorous, compassionate, temperate and driven – and in the Usurpation, they died for the sins of their peers.

The tale would have ended then, with the Brotherhood dead, their Exaltations imprisoned in a construct of jade and orichalcum. But the tale did not end.

The Jade Prison was broken. The Solar Exalted have returned, and with them, the Brotherhood of Virtue has been reborn. The souls of the five most noble Solar Exalted have bound themselves to five people across Creation. Three of these are in the South; as for the other two, they remain a mystery.

The Exaltation of General Gao Xiu has bound itself to Rakios of the Sun-Searing Fist.
The Exaltation of Janira Baccaran has bound itself to Shadow Edge, the jungle-born rebel.
The Exaltation of Takeshi the Poet has bound itself to Jelang Keemia, a merchant.

Two members of the Brotherhood are yet missing: Galatea and Clear Sky. Where their Exaltations have been reborn, remains to be seen…

The Brotherhood of Virtue

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