The Brotherhood of Virtue

Part II: How To Tame Your Dragon

In which a Dragon-Blood is subdued.

Shadow Edge rides with Keemia to where the Wyld Hunt has made camp. The Hunt consists of some three hundred soldiers and at least four Dragon-Blooded. He instructs Keemia to stay back while he infiltrates, at first intending to sneak inside but then changing his mind, approaching some scouts openly.

Shadow Edge learns that most of this army consists of press-ganged men from the native Delzahn tribes, who have little love of the Dragon-Blooded. These men are kept coordinated by a Delzahn Dragon-Blood, a Lost Egg named Yasur, whom the Delzahn men respect at least a little. Shadow Edge tries to gain audience with Tepet Lisara, but being a native Southerner, has no luck with the people of the Realm. Eventually, Yasur comes to speak with him.

Yasur takes a liking to Shadow Edge and brings him into his tent. He takes on Edge as his servant and promises that he will try to help him. Following Yasur around by stealth, Shadow Edge learns that there are five Dragon-Blooded present, and he also learn where Tepet Lisara may be found.

Meanwhile, Keemia and Rakios grow worried for Shadow Edge as he has been missing for more than a day. They devise a plan to infiltrate the Hunt and rescue him. Bargaining with some native Delzahn riders, they purchase their clothing for disguises and move into the ranks of the Wyld Hunt soldiers as they begin to march.

Just as Shadow Edge spots them, he sees Yasur slip into Lisara’s palanquin to speak with her. Following, he hopes she will let slip where his sister is held – but instead he insults her so gravely that Shadow Edge loses his temper, and stabs her. A brutal battle ensures, but Yasur has taken such a liking to Shadow Edge that he does not interfere, letting Rakios and Edge knock her unconscious and kidnap her. The other Dragon-Blooded, who only hear the noise of the fight, believe it to be a scrap between Lisara and Yasur, and do not interfere either. The Delzahn soldiers are just happy to see a hated Dragon-Blood being brought low.

The three Solar Exalted kidnap Lisara and take her to an abandoned military camp for questioning. She tries to escape by force and by guile, attempting to both seduce, flatter, and fight her way to freedom, but nothing works. Eventually she gives up, informing Shadow Edge that his sister is likely held by the sorceress Cynis Denovah Yassari, back in Chiaroscuro.

Not wishing to kill an innocent captive, but recognizing they can’t let Lisara bring word back to the Hunt of what is happening, the Solars decide to bring her as their prisoner. Before they can leave the camp, they have a brief run-in with Yasur, who finds out about Shadow Edge’s Anathema nature but is knocked out before he can do anything about it. They hurry back to Zalim with Lisara held prisoner, hoping to outmaneuver the Hunt now that its attention is drawn to the abandoned military camp. This plan succeeds, and they make it back to Chiaroscuro, even bringing some deserters from the Wyld Hunt and some of the Dragon-Blooded’s treasures.


Riklurt Riklurt

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