Akashic Sorcery

Lost in Memories

You have been touched by the memory-weave of the Akashic Brotherhood; your mind is open to the dreams and memories of the past, which hide mastery over the future and the present. Your soul is an unbroken anchor to the past.

Shaping Rituals:
When the sorcerer sleeps, her player may describe the strange visions of past lives that haunt her. She recovers no Willpower from sleep, instead rolling (Wits + Occult) and gaining one sorcerous mote per success. These motes last until the next time she sleeps, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. If the sorcerer spends all of the sorcerous motes granted by a dream casting her control spell, each counts as two motes towards meeting the spell’s cost. Once per story, the sorcerer’s player may stunt to describe how the current situation connects to her past lives, declaring a mystical connection to the occult powers that hide in the memories of the past. Doing so awards her a number of sorcerous motes equal to (her Essence x [stunt level + 1]), which last for the duration of the scene.

The sorcerer may draw power from places with ties to the past, whose long existence means they have been imbued with significance by the memories of countless mortals. When standing in a location with some historical significance that the sorcerer is aware of, she may draw sorcerous motes from the memories of the place. Each historical event can only be invoked once, broadly defined. Example events include great battles, the construction or destruction of important buildings, changes of rulership, and the like. The sorcerer gains (Essence) sorcerous motes when drawing upon a historic event. If she chooses, she may immerse herself deeper; by accepting a Minor Intimacy tied to the event, she gains (Essence)x2 sorcerous motes. By accepting a Major Intimacy tied to the event, she gains (Essence)x3 sorcerous motes. These Intimacies are very much real to the sorcerer, even though they may include loyalty to long-dead kings, or feelings of hatred based on long-forgotten wars. The sorcerous motes last for the remainder of the scene, but drawing upon them is reflexive.

The sorcerer may gain occult power from discovery of the past, in the form of forgotten lore. Each time the sorcerer makes a Lore roll to uncover or introduce a Fact, she may pay a point of Willpower, thereby also gaining one sorcerous mote for each two successes on the roll. These motes last for the remainder of the story, and can be used for any spell the sorcerer knows. Additionally, if the sorcerer discovers or stunts some connection to her own past lives as part of this research, she also adds her Occult in bonus dice to the roll. Motes gained by this shaping ritual do not stack; each research roll replaces the previous one.

Other Benefits

Past Deeds Remembered (Merit 2)
Once per story, the sorcerer may declare a particularly vivid dream of the glorious past visits her while she sleeps. The character recovers no Willpower from sleeping; instead, she recalls some aspect of a past life that influences her, long after she wakes. She may receive a two-dot Merit for free, so long as it is not a Story merit, or she may receive guidance on how to find a three-dot (or higher, at the Storyteller’s discretion) Story merit, such as an Artifact. Instead of these options, the sorcerer may also choose to wake with two new Specialties, or an additional dot in one Ability previously rated no higher than two dots. In all cases except the Story merit, the Merit, Specialties, or Ability dot last for the remainder of this Story, at which point the benefits fade unless the sorcerer purchases them with experience points or Solar experience points. Such a purchase makes them permanent, no longer tied to Past Deeds Remembered.

Fleeting Lives (Merit 3)
The character is aware that this life is but one in a long chain of reincarnations, stretching infinitely to the past and the future. She deny use of her Minor or Major Intimacies to enemies wishing to exploit them by reminding herself that such trifles are nothing in the endless life of a being reborn. Such disregard for the present life easily brings ennui, however. For each Intimacy she denies to an enemy, she loses a point of Willpower the next time she sleeps instead of the usual regain, and until she rests in this fashion, she cannot recover Willpower by acting on her Intimacies, not even Defining ones.

Tracing the Mind’s Brush (Merit 2)
The sorcerer knows that each living thing is shaped by its memories, by its past. When taking a Read Intentions action to discern an Intimacy, the sorcerer may add one-half his Occult score to the die roll, rounded up, reading trace memories that surround the character. If the target has held the Intimacy for less than a year, this bonus does not apply.

Akashic Sorcery

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