An-Teng is a sprawling principality reaching from the The Land of Crushing Fragrance in the north, all the way down to the thick and impenetrable wilderness of Goldenseal. It is subdivided into three principalities: The domain of the Shore Prince, the Middle Prince, and the High Prince. The Shore Prince lives in Salt-Founded Glory along the coast, the Middle Prince in Prosperous Garden, and the High Prince in the Jade Plum Citadel.

Ruling over the three Princes, and standing out like polished steel among gems, is Steel Lotus, the high seat of the Dragon-Blooded Satrap, and the location of the 15th Imperial Legion.

Somchai is one location of import, located in the southern Middle, on the outskirts of the Principalities near the vast Southern jungles. It isn’t far from Resounding Bells, one of the largest cities in southern An-Teng.


Tengese culture is matrilineal, with the center of each clan or family therefore being the grandmother, who has final say over inheritance of positions of power. Land is owned by families, never by individuals, so ones’ rank within the family matters far more than ones’ private possessions.

Tengese religion centers primarily around worship of the Golden Lord, a vassal of the Unconquered Sun who lives atop the Fire Mountains, and his counterpart the Pale Mistress, an evil deity of plague, ruin and destruction, who stalks the dark jungles to the south. These two gods are counterparts, representing the importance of honor and good deeds as well as the occasional necessity of deception and destruction. The Pale Mistress is never invoked lightly, however.


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