Cast of Characters

The Brotherhood of Virtue

Rakios, the reincarnation of General Gao.
Shadow Edge, the reincarnation of Janeira Baccaran.
Keemia, the reincarnation of Takeshi the Poet.
The reincarnation of Righteous Galatea remains unknown.
The reincarnation of Clear Sky remains unknown.

Other Celestial Exalted

Flawless Pearl
White Tusk
Little Rainbow Claw

Other Exalted

The Ash Prophet, a mysterious prophet speaking of the glories of old. Deceased.
Ledaal Coram Iskaros, Shadow Edge’s father. Deceased.
Cynis Jaina, Water aspect and former child of a brothel in Steel Lotus.
The Star Jasmine Princess, occultist and descendant of the Tengese Queen
Ragara Soras Hira, sharp-tongued sorceress
Ledaal Aranda, bastard dragon-blood from the Caul


Hammer on Brass, the guardian-god of Resounding Bells
Silver Shield, the guardian-god of the Jade Plum Citadel


Friends of the Circle
Mortals of Somchai
Mortals of Resounding Bells
Mortals of the Jade Plum Citadel
The Serpents Who Walk Like Men


The Wyld Hunt in Resounding Bells
The Court at Kalimshah

Cast of Characters

The Brotherhood of Virtue Riklurt Riklurt