Old Cast of Characters

The Old Brotherhood of Virtue

Old Rakios
Old Shadow Edge
Old Keemia

Other Exalted

Arbash Serik, the Tri-Khan’s loyal bodyguard. Night Caste.
Tepet Lisara, the arrogant Realm snob. Fire Aspect.
Captain Holgeir Yensen, the Pirate Captain
Yasur, the insecure Outcaste. Water Aspect.
Sesus Tav, the pious and aggressive monk. Fire Aspect. Leads the Wyld Hunt.
Cynis Denovah Yassari, the lecherous sorceress. Wood Aspect. Deceased.


Yejouj Khan, Tri-Khan of Chiaroscuro.
Amina, Shadow Edge’s sister. Scholastically inclined.
Faqir, the Guild go-to guy. Shadow Edges’ old friend, can get you anything… for a price.
Kasim, the educated Varangian soldier. Rakios’ student.
Fahrad, the brave Varangian leader. Loyal to Shadow Edge.
Jalila, Keemia’s handmaiden and trusted friend.
Nahwand, Keemia’s second-in-command within the Guild. Skilled rider.
Rajeed, Keemia’s husband. Owns a fancy mansion in Chiaroscuros’ business district… for now.
Dakour, overweight bureaucrat and paper-pusher. Shadow Edge’s contact man for fake documents.
Nadir, Guild assassin

Old Cast of Characters

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