Other Lands

These are some of the lands neighbouring An-Teng:

The Land of Crushing Fragrance, to the north, is home to strange barbarian tribes and exotic, perfumed flowers.

Bluehaven to the west is the home of the Lintha pirates, who view An-Teng as a safe haven, and never attack it. While the Tengese may not like the demon-worshiping Lintha, they recognize that treating them well is better than making enemies of them; and so, peace has remained between their peoples for centuries.

Goldenseal is a remote Realm city to the south, accessible only by ship, as the jungles in between are thick and impassable, and home to dangerous beasts.

The Principality of the Jade-Souled is a splinter sect of Tengese who have taken to worshiping the Dragon-Blooded, living high in the northern Fire Mountains.

The Domain of the Silver-Crowned lie to the south and east of the Jade Plum Citadel, and are home to a warlike, superstitious people called the Silver-Crowned.

Other Lands

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