The First Age

The Five Lunar Companions

Abraxas, the Stallion, war-mount and aide-de-camp of General Gao. Jovial, tough, but somewhat more severe and serious. Born in the South among the Delzahn. Warrior caste.

Fei Hua, the Phoenix, beautifully-adorned warrior-woman of excellent plumage. Galatea’s handmaiden and bodyguard. Courtesan caste.

Ghost Wolf, the White Wolf of the North, persistence-hunter and stalking warrior. Janira’s companion in shadow. Hunter caste.

Haruna, the Seal, Western shaman and performer, Clear Sky’s lover and friend. Priest caste.

Tlazol, the Toad, close to Takeshi, who died. Reborn as Bright-Eyed Nari, the Monkey, whose temper was unsuited to him. Both Mystic caste.

The First Age

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