The Original Brotherhood

The original brotherhood consisted of five Solar Exalted, each of a different caste. They were:

Gao Xiu, the Stalwart General
Caste: Dawn
Origin: The Blessed Isle
Favored Virtue: Valor
Associated Element: Wood. The General hated necromancy and fought for a living, breathing Creation. He was passionate and lived life to the fullest.
Exaltation: Gao Xiu fought against a Dragon-Blooded necromancer who would violate the corpses of the people of his hometown, knowing he was doomed to die but unwilling to stand by and see his ancestors desecrated.


Janira Baccaran, the Kind Thief
Caste: Night
Origin: Chiaroscuro
Favored Virtue: Compassion
Associated Element: Fire. Janira was quick of temper and often rash and impulsive. Like fire, she could become a disaster if left unchecked.
Exaltation: Janira’s brother was murdered by a stooge of the Dragon-Blooded, and Janira forgave him, choosing instead to seek justice on the Exalt who had ordered the crime. The Unconquered Sun was impressed by her mercy and understanding, and granted her the Second Breath.


Takeshi the Poet, the Quiet Diplomat
Caste: Eclipse
Origin: Okeanos
Favored Virtue: Temperance
Associated Element: Air. Takeshi was distant, cold, and calculating. He used only precisely the words he needed to use.
Exaltation: Takeshi Exalted when he calmly talked down a Fair Folk noble rampaging across the West using heartbreakingly beautiful poetry, and bound this noble to never again enter Creation.


Righteous Galatea, the Iron Priestess
Caste: Zenith
Origin: The Far East
Favored Virtue: Willpower
Associated Element: Earth. Galatea was unshakable and resolute, and her will was unbending. Among her Circlemates, she was a natural leader, despite her slight stature and weak physique.
Exaltation: Galatea made the journey from her Far East village, alone, all the way to the magistrate of the greatest city in the East, striding into his office to demand justice for the neglect of her tribe, who had fallen prey to the Wyld due to the Solars’ neglect.


Clear Sky, the Controversial Sage
Caste: Twilight
Origin: Ondar Shambal
Favored Virtue: Conviction
Associated Element: Water. Clear Sky thought in new and unique ways, and was quite capable of adapting. He could think around any obstacle that stood in his path.
Exaltation: Clear Sky was a humble servant of a mortal sorcerer-engineer, left in charge of the design of an enormous manse. Ever diligent and clever, he spotted a flaw in his master’s work, and refused to let it lie. He worked for five days and nights to correct the error, despite his master’s orders, saving the area from a geomantic disaster.


The Original Brotherhood

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