Arbash Serik

The Solar nightwatchman of Chiaroscuro.


Arbash was a Night Caste with a focus on Awareness. His eyes and ears were fantastically keen, and he could see and hear any threat towards the Tri-Khan or the people of the Delzahn. Apart from his keen senses, Arbash was an accomplished flamepiece-wielder and quite capable with stealth, although he was not as skilled as Shadow Edge in this regard.


Arbash was a member of the Chiaroscuro Guard before he Exalted, and served the Tri-Khan as his personal bodyguard after Exaltation. He was devoted to the Delzahn cause and to the religion of the Kha-Khan. He was taught use of flamepieces by someone called the Righteous Devil, who now wanders the South.

Arbash Serik was killed as he recovered from a poisoned arrow-wound. A Lunar Exalted assassin who claims to be Tamas Khan slew him in his bed, having taken the shape of one of his confidantes, Husseyn Black-Eye.

Arbash Serik

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