Captain Holgeir Yensen

The legendary Coralese pirate.


Captain Yensen is a Dawn caste with many talents. He is fiercely strong, and with his sturdy wavecleaver daiklave he can kill an elephant in a single blow. He’s an accomplished sailor and a ship he captains will never sink or sustain damage. Furthermore, he’s tough as steel and relies on the Charm Iron-Kettle Body rather than armor, preferring to fight shirtless.

Yensen’s crew is very loyal to him, and imbued with supernatural bravery and skill.

Yensen favors Integrity, Presence, Resistance, Athletics, and Sail. Among his Dawn Caste abilities, he focuses primarily on Melee and War.


Captain Yensen is a tall, broad-shouldered man with swelling muscles. He’s a Coralese pirate, and dreams of becoming a great Pirate King; to this end, he collects wealth with which he intends to build an enormous fleet. He has sailed the waters of the Southern ocean for some time to rob the Realm of their rich tribute, which flows in from Southern satrapies.

Yensen shares the same mentor as Rakios, and both have been taught a great deal by her, although she has varied the training to suit their individual talents.

Captain Holgeir Yensen

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