Prelude Somchai

From Dragon-blooded to Solar exalted

It’s been a week. A week since I turned into this… Dragon-blooded. I should be a Dragon-blooded. But somehow, I feel as if I’m not. I don’t know how, or why, but my senses tell me that I am not Dragon-blooded, but logic dictates that is what happened. Ririka knows, she saw me as I exalted. She has yet to ask about it. I told her of my worries, but she seemed to not worry one way or the other… Whatever I am, I am still Shadow Edge in her eyes, regardless of any name I used to hold, or whatever I have become now. I am Shadow Edge, nothing more, nothing less…

It would not be long until I found out of my true exaltation, however. After a mission I ran into a man calling himself Rakios. For some reason this man was familiar to me. After a heated few seconds of battle I sensed a similarity between us… Not only did he actually seem to know me, but we also had similar marks in foreheads. I had not seen fit to see for myself how it looked, until I saw in the reflection of my knife… Flashes of memories come to me. Mine is that of Night, and his that of Dawn. Given how things turned out later, this is somehow fitting… Night is the strongest right before dawn, and as the power of the sun diminishes, the night returns. Anyway, my personal inner philosophical monologue aside… This man seemed nuts, completely insane. He called me Janira. Apparently, our previous incarnations knew each other very well.

After learning what I was, I felt a bit drunk with power… I wanted to test my abilities, so went out to take down a buynip on my own. This proved challenging, but not hard. I was still getting used to my extreme perception, and likewise testing it… Thus sensing something weird, near Tusk’s village. Part of me wanted to check it out, but we had other things that needed to be done first.

After getting the help of Gurinder Hanyun, another local noble and head of the previous family to hold the throne, we decided to end the current holders. To some degree I drew out the most insane plan I could, to force Rakios into admitting whether or not what he said was true… But instead, he accepted a mission that would surely be suicide. It was odd, I wanted to speak up… But at the same time, I just trusted that he could break through 20-30 soldiers easily. There was no hesitation in his voice either… Not sure how I know that, I think I smelled it, as confusing as that may be.

Rakios went to crash down the door, serving as a distraction for me to enter unnoticed and assassinate the two son who are in line for the throne. I waited for the perfect moment, as one of them was about to strike the other… The first went down quickly, without. I realize at this moment, that I had not thought this through properly… Seeing as now I had a room of a few guards as well as the second son to deal with. I held my own. I heard Rakios entering, and saw given the glow. The madman actually survived the onslaught… That is impressive, and very quickly as well. I managed to wound the son, giving Rakios the opportunity to to force him to surrender. It was now that I noticed… Above Rakios was a five-split wheel. His dawn symbol and my night symbols were filled in, leaving the other three empty. Again flashes of memories, this time more tangible… That night mark means me, well Janira.

The new lord took office, and the two of us, along with Ririka, took a barge that I liberated from a merchant previously. We headed towards Resounding Bells, mine and Ririka’s birthplace. I picked up the scent I felt close to Tusk’s village again. I think it spotted me, and came to the shore. It was strange… It completely shifted scents with a moment… Perhaps one of the lunar exalted? Similar to Tusk. Her name was Little Rainbow Claw, apprentice of White Tusk, or so she said at least. She agreed to assist us in our quest to take vengeance on the Wyld Hunt. While I don’t trust her, I dislike the Wyld Hunt more than my lack of trust in her.

Prelude Somchai

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