Note: Unlockables are not Charms. They are not something your character does, even unconsciously. Rather, they are elements of the story, controlled by the players.

Heart’s Content: After ending a scene in which you successfully advanced one of your Intimacies, spend 1 Solar XP and recover Willpower equal to the strength of the Intimacy (1 for Minor, 2 for Major, 3 for Defining).

Essence Supernal: Spend 1 Solar XP to activate one Charm from your Supernal Ability that you do not yet know, but for which you meet the prerequisites. You must pay the normal cost of the Charm. For each time you use this Unlockable for the same Charm, the cost increases by 1 Solar XP.

Essence Fever: You are filled with an urge to change the world. Spend 1 Solar XP; for the rest of this session, whenever you spend a point of Willpower, also add a number of dice equal to the most relevant Intimacy supporting the action. This session, you may furthermore recover Willpower by gaining Limit; the first point costs 1 Limit, the second point 2 Limit, the third 3, and so on.

Essence Overdrive: Spend 1 Solar XP. For the rest of this session, you add +2 dice to any roll involving your Supernal Ability. At the end of the session, recover 1 Willpower.

Sun-King’s Shared Destiny: Spend 1 Solar XP on a friendly non-Exalted NPC or group of NPCs and declare their destiny. They gain +1 success for the rest of this story on any action related to fulfilling this destiny. Off screen, they are all but guaranteed success, though possibly with caveats. It is possible, at the GM’s discretion, that they increase a relevant Ability or Attribute at the end of the story, as a result of their learning.

All Exalts Are Brothers: Spend 1 Solar XP. For the rest of this session, whenever you make a roll directly assisting another Exalt, gain +2 dice. If the other Exalt is a member of the Brotherhood of Virtue, you may optionally substitute 1 success instead.


Beacon of Hope: Rakios will make Creation great again, and those around him know it. Spend 1 Solar XP on this Unlockable; all allies regain Willpower equal to the strongest of Rakios’s Intimacies that have been invoked in this scene. Furthermore, their Intimacies to his cause are bolstered; any Willpower points spent to resist betraying or abandoning Rakios’s cause are refunded.

Failure Is Not An Option: Drawing on Pearl’s teachings, Rakios rejects failure and substitutes success. On a Strength- Dexterity- or Stamina-based roll, or on the Initative roll of a Gambit or Decisive damage, you may spend 1 Solar XP to reroll all non-successes once, or if you prefer, set the amount of successes to exactly 1/2 the die pool, rounded up.

Blast From The Past: Spend 1 Solar XP to discover a First Age connection to some place, person, or thing. It might be personal, or it might be relayed through word-of-mouth or other means; you may also use this Unlockable to introduce an entirely new place, person or thing with ties to the First Age.

Shadow Edge

Friends In Low Places: When inventing an NPC, you may spend 1 Solar XP to give him or her some special connection or knowledge that you can make use of – perhaps to the Rebellion, or having worked for a Dragon-Blood, or being intimately familiar with the land and know the exact location of some feature. You may also invest this Solar XP retroactively in an NPC you’ve made up – ensuring that they come back into the story, and play a relevant part.

The Shadow Knows: Spend 1 Solar XP to declare that something secret, that is known to you, the player, is now also known to Shadow Edge, him having overheard it, seen it, smelled it or otherwise sensed it; or perhaps just intuited it through a sixth sense. You may also use this Unlockable to guess at the case, for example that a certain character is in a certain city; in this case, the Solar XP is refunded if the guess is incorrect.

Hunter’s Mark: Spend 1 Solar XP to spot a weakness in an enemy’s armor, a suitable point of entry into a building, a weak spot in a prison wall, or similar detail. You, and all allies, gain 2 dice to all actions against this target, for the rest of this scene. In addition, when other characters specifically exploit the weakness, they always have at least a two-point stunt (2 dice and 1 success).


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